At AR-L, my team and I want to work to transform marketing ideas and concepts into product advantages the consumer can readily perceive.

That's the rationale behind the company's name Advantage Research Lab. And that's why AR-L's main goal is to partner with you, our customers, to create better formulated, higher performing products that satisfy the personal care industry as well as the needs of today's Ethnic consumer. As part of that commitment, AR-L will come to your lab upon invitation and work with your chemists.

Our goal is to work very closely with our customers in maintaining and developing cutting-edge technology that is highly needed in the industry. We are confident that with our vast knowledge in Personal Care and Ethnic product design and formulation, we can form a partnership with our customers in breaking new grounds.

Please use this website to explore the many ways we will give you Advantage. You will also find our recent news releases and upcoming events such as workshops and my future speaking engagements.

Patrick Obukowho